Mintos is the most popular P2P lending platform in Europe. It’s however not the only one and certainly not the lending platform with the highest returns. Are you wondering which platforms are worth investing in apart from Mintos? These are the best 7 Mintos alternatives that simply rock.



Operating since: 2017
Loans funded: > €128.274.000
Number of investors: >13.100
Interest paid out: > €1.105.000
Type: short-term loans
Protection: buyback guarantee, extended guarantee
Average loan period: 2 months
Average interest: 11,53%
Minimum investment: €10

Peerberry is my favorite platform when it comes to short-term investments. Even though Mintos also offers the possibility to invest in short-term loans, the amount of investors is often higher than the supply of loans, which can lead in uninvested capital on Mintos. On Peerberry I never had this problem when investing in short-term loans with a loan period of only 1 month. Additionally, Peerberry offers the same buyback guarantee as Mintos and the interest is often higher for a similar type of investment. Read more about my experiences in my Peerberry review.

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estateguru portfolio

Operating since: 2014
Loans funded: > €141.000.000
Number of investors: > 29.000
Interest paid out: > €9.005.000
Type: real estate loans
Protection: mortgage, personal guarantee
Average loan period: 12 month
Average interest: 12,07%
Minimum investment: €50

EstateGuru is another suitable Mintos alternative as you are investing in the type of loans, that isn’t always available on Mintos. EstateGuru offers high yield investment opportunities for investors who want to invest in property-backed loans. Meaning instead of the buyback guarantee your investment is protected by real collateral. Even though the loan periods tend to be longer with EstateGuru offers a good way to diversify your portfolio. Additionally, compared to Mintos, EstateGuru hasn’t lost a single cent from investor’s money since it started operating in 2014. Read more about my experience with EstateGuru in my in-depth review or watch my interview with EstateGuru.

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Operating since: 2018
Loans funded: > €24.000.000
Number of investors: > 9.800
Interest paid out: > €9.005.000
Type: business loans
Protection: collateral, personal guarantee, buyback guarantee
Average loan period: 10 month
Average interest: 18,35%
Minimum investment: €10

If you are looking for an alternative to Mintos which earns you more interest, look no further and start investing on Envestio. This P2P lending site is targeting high-yield business projects, secured by collateral or personal guarantee of the borrower. In comparison to EstateGuru you can also sell your investment and withdraw your money earlier. Learn more about the buyback guarantee here. On Envestio you are investing in business projects mainly from the energy, crypto and real estate segment. The platform isn’t the most advanced in terms of functionalities, it is, however, a good platform to diversify your investment.

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crowdestor-portfolioOperating since: 2018
Loans funded: not available
Number of investors: not available
Interest paid out: not available
Type: business loans
Protection: collateral
Average loan period: not available
Average interest: not available
Minimum investment: €50

Crowdestor is similar to Envestio, offers however, a bigger variety of business projects. You can invest in all sorts of business, ranging from the renovation of warehouses, development of mobile apps or even business from the energy and hospitality sector. There are also more fresh projects and fewer stage loans as compared to Envestio or EstateGuru. My average interest on Crowdestor is 16,65% which is significantly higher than on Mintos. Even though Crowdestor doesn’t have an Auto Invest and you need to invest in loans manually, it is very simple to use and therefore suitable for any beginners.


robocash-portfolioOperating since: 2017
Loans funded: > €113.800.000
Number of investors: > 8.010
Interest paid out: > €1.095.000
Type: consumer and commercial loans
Protection: Buyback guarantee on all loans
Average loan period: 48 days ( 7 – 90 days)
Average interest: 12%
Minimum investment: €10

Robocash can be compared with Peerberry at best. The P2P lending site offers the same type of loans, however, issued by other loan originators from other countries. You can, therefore, benefit from short-term investments with a similar interest of 12% while diversifying in other markets. One benefit of Robocash is that their buyback guarantee kicks in already after 30 days compared to 60 days on Peerberry and Mintos. Robocash also offers an Auto Invest with a minimum investment of €10. Even though the P2P lending site doesn’t offer such broad diversification options I only had good experiences with it so far.


bondora-portfolioOperating since: 2008
Loans funded: €270.000.000
Number of investors: >78.000
Interest paid out: > €31.000.000
Type: personal loans
Protection: none
Average loan period: 49 months
Average interest: 10,80%
Minimum investment: €1

Bondora is another very popular P2P platform with a huge investor base. The P2P lending site offers possibilities to invest into personal loans ranging from 1 to 60 months. The difference between Mintos and Bondora is that Bondara doesn’t offer investors a buyback guarantee. On the other hand, the possible interest can be up to 200% for individual short-term loans. As there is no protection for your investments on Bondora, your net returns are way lower as the average interest showing in your dashboard. Most investors won’t get more than 11% net returns as they are many default loans.

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grupeer-portfolioOperating since: 2017
Loans funded: > €57.000.000
Number of investors: >15.000
Interest paid out: > €2.254.197
Type: personal and business loans
Protection: Buyback guarantee
Average loan period: 12 months
Average interest: 13,69%
Minimum investment: €10

Grupeer is often considered a good alternative to Mintos mainly due to Auto Invest function and similar loan types. Grupeer lists only business and personal loans with a buyback guarantee. The average interest rate is slightly higher than on Mintos and the majority of loans are shorter than 12 months. The disadvantage on Grupeer is the absence of a secondary market, meaning your investment is locked until it’s repaid. Many investors like the way Grupeer chooses the loan companies. There aren’t by far as many loans delayed as compared to Mintos.

Mintos alternatives that help you diversify your portfolio

As you can see there are plenty of alternatives to Mintos. Investing on multiple platforms will help you decrease the platform risk and diversify across multiple loan types and different loan originators.

These seven Mintos alternatives aren’t just randomly chosen platforms but serious lending sites with a proven track record and large investor base. In fact, on most of the listed platforms, I am investing myself.

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