Robocash Review

After 6 months and more than €500 invested.

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Robocash is for anyone who is looking into investing money short-term. Find out about my experience in the following Robocash review.

Average Interest 12%
30 Buyback Guarantee
High Liquidity
Invest from €10

Robocash is a P2P lending platform from Croatia, offering investors to invest in microloans with short loan periods in exchange for 12% interest.

When looking at the offer from Robocash it seems to be very similar to its competitor from Latvia – PeerBerry. However, if you look a bit closer, you will see significant differences that might improve the liquidity of your investment.

By liquidity, I mean that you will be to access your money faster on Robocash.

The unique selling point of Robocash is clearly the 30 days buyback guarantee. None other P2P platforms that I am currently invested in, offer less than 60 days buyback guarantee.

You are eligible to invest on Robocash if you are over 18 years old and reside in Europe. Investors outside of Europe such as from the U.S. or Australia cannot join Robocash. In order to transfer money to Robocash, you need to have a European bank account. Robocash currently offers only investment opportunities in Euro. If you have an EUR account you can just deposit money to your Robocash investor account. If you transfer your funds in other currencies, the money will be converted to EUR. I always use my N26 bank account to transfer funds to P2P lending platforms. Find out more about the sign up process here.

Is investing on Robocash safe?

Robocash is mainly listing unsecured payday loans backed by the 30-day buyback guarantee. As you might know, payday loans are given out with a huge interest of more than 20% per year. On Robocash you will earn on average 12% per year, meaning the loan company (loan originator who lists the loans on the platform) keeps the rest of the interest. This helps to cover potential defaults.

Although your investment isn’t backed by any real value such as collateral or mortgage, the buyback guarantee has worked just fine so far and I haven’t had any defaulted loans.

When reviewing P2P platforms you should always have a look at the platform’s statistics. Statistics will give you an idea about the P2P platform’s performance as well as its growth.

Robocash Statistics
Operating since: 2017
Investor’s earnings: + €1 M
Total loan value: + €113 M
Amount of investors: +8.000

Robocash isn’t the largest P2P lending platform in Europe but on the other hand, it is profitable. The Robocash Group which is the parent company of the investment platform makes a profit. This cannot be claimed by most of the P2P platforms in Europe. Have a look at their financial report here.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should invest on Robocash as well as some issues that you should be aware of.


  • 30 Day Buyback Guarantee
  • Stable interest rate of 12% per year
  • Automated investments with Auto Invest


  • No Sign-Up Bonus for investors
  • Not so many diversification options
  • Many loan originators are sub-companies of the Robocash Group
  • Max. Limit for investments is only €10.000
  • Not enough available loans (cash drag)

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Robocash Diversification

Most P2P lending platforms allow you to invest manually as well as automate your investment with the Auto Invest feature. Robocash doesn’t let you pick your own individual investments.

You can set up your portfolio preferences and Robocash will invest in all loans that match your criteria. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hand-picking payday loans to invest in is not an effective way to spend your time.

Currently, Robocash offers the following diversification options:

Min. – Max. Investment: €10 to €1.000 per loan
Interest: 11% – 13%
Loan Period: 1 – 180 days
Loan Originators: 5
Buyback Guarantee: Yes
Auto Invest: Yes

For anyone who is starting out with P2P lending, this will be good enough. I believe that simplicity is certainly better than overly complicated investment systems. Robocash makes it for the investor very simple.

It isn’t much you can do wrong. I invest with the min. and max. investment per loan set to €10 for a max. of 60 days. I do reinvest all my interest and diversify across all loan originators. I also allow any deposits to be automatically added to my predefined portfolio.


Robocash Risk & Returns

Robocash collaborates with loan originators, mainly from Eastern Europe but also Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Many of the loan originators are sub-companies of the Robocash Group which certainly does not help with the diversification but only increases the risk.

Your money is secured by the buyback guarantee, meaning if the borrower is late with its payments for more than 30 days, the loan originator will repurchase your claim against the borrower for the full price (delayed interest + your investment amount). This is certainly a better deal than with Mintos, where many loan originators don’t pay out interest for delayed loans.

Other than the buyback guarantee there is no real protection of your investments. This is, however, the case with any P2P lending platforms, which don’t list property-backed loans.

The average interest of 12% per year should compensate for the risk you are taking as an investor. As for myself I haven’t had any loss on Robocash but to be fair, lately, I am also experiencing some cash-drag which makes me question whether Robocash can actually provide enough loans to meet the investor’s demands.


Robocash Functionality

As you might have noticed by now, Robocash doesn’t offer a whole lot of functions. It simply sticks to the basics. You have the Auto Invest which allows you to choose your preferences and invest with as little as no time investment. This feature is great for any investors who treat P2P lending as a passive investment.

There is no secondary market in case you are looking to sell your claims against borrowers before the end of the loan period.
With low loan periods of as little as 22 days, this isn’t really required on Robocash and I don’t see as many upsides of having a secondary market for short-term loans.

If you are looking for advanced features such as the Invest & Access from Mintos or Go & Grow from Bondora you won’t be happy with Robocash. If you only want to invest a few Euro or diversify your P2P lending portfolio, Robocash can be a good candidate.


Robocash Support

If you have any questions, you can send it directly to or use their chat function on the homepage.

Usually, I get a response within 48h. When doing some research about available P2P platforms for investors from the U.S as well as the UK, Robocash was very responsive and keen to provide me with the requested information.

My portfolio on Robocash

My portfolio on Robocash is quite small compared to other P2P lending platforms that I am currently testing. With only €500 it’s one of the smallest P2P portfolios I have. On the other hand, it helps to diversify the risk that comes with P2P lending.

robocash review portfolio

I think that Robocash can be a good alternative for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio across other P2P lending platforms. I would not, however, pick Robocash as my primary P2P lending platform.

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Robocash Review Summary

Robocash is a very simple P2P platform for investors who wants to decrease the platform risk of their P2P investments.

Short-term loans bring higher liquidity to your portfolio, however, they also increase the risk as they aren’t backed by any real value. This isn’t just the case for Robocash but any P2P platform that list payday loans. As an investor, you need to be aware of the risks.

The buyback guarantee of only 30 days is certainly useful if you are in the market for short-term investments. If you intend to invest in P2P loans long-term I would suggest testing out EstateGuru.

I am currently using Robocash to lower my platform risk for short-term investments. If you are looking for a secondary platform, Robocash might be worth a try.

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