EvoEstate Promo Code – Get 0.5% Cashback Bonus


Get 0.5% EvoEstate Cashback Bonus
New investors that use a special EvoEstate Promo Code will receive 0.5% bonus after calculated from the investment amount during the first six month. In order to get your EvoEstate bonus, you need to use our exclusive referral link. The bonus will be added to your investor account after you have made your first investment.

Average Interest 16.32%
Secured with mortgage
“Skin in the Game”
Invest from €50

EvoEstate Promo Code for 2020

EvoEstate Bonus
Bonus for New Investors €15
Bonus Payout Term after your first investment
Promo Code No Promo Code required
Amount of Investors + 1,600

EvoEstate promo code

Are you looking for the EvoEstate Promo Code? Look no further. Sign up with my EvoEstate referral link and you will receive 0.5% cashback bonus.

Get 0.5% Bonus

It only takes 10 minutes and it does not require you to use any promo code.

How much EvoEstate bonus do I get?

If you sign up with my referral link, you will receive a 0.5% bonus after six month of investing on EvoEstate.
Currently, there are no other bonuses or cashback campaign, offered by EvoEstate. The benefit of investing on EvoEstate is, that you will get a bonus that is based on your investment amount and the investment term. You will probably start investing with a smaller amount and increase your investment as you gain trust with this P2B marketplace. The minimum investment on EvoEstate is only €50. The more you invest, the more bonus you’ll get.

Another hidden benefit of using the EvoEstate Promo Code, is that you receive the bonus which you can use to fund investment projects listed by platforms, that don’t even offer sign-up bonuses themselves.

Note, that the EvoEstate bonus is only a small incentive for new investors. You should not base your investment decisions on cashback campaigns. Investing in real estate projects comes with certain risks. I suggest having a look at the collateral and evaluate for yourself, whether the investment is worth the return. Also having a look at the management and track record of EvoEstate is a recommended strategy before you deposit any funds.

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How to redeem the EvoEstate Bonus?

πŸš€1. How to redeem the EvoEstate Bonus?

In order to claim the EvoEstate cashback bonus, you need to click on the link and register with EvoEstate. This might take you around 10 minutes, as you need to pass the strict AML procedures.

πŸš€2. Transfer funds to EvoEstate

In order to start investing, you need to be verified. In the next step, you can transfer funds to your EvoEstate account. Ideally, you use a SEPA transfer to top up your account. You can also use TransferWise or Revolut if you wish to do so. SEPA transfers are usually processed within 8 business hours.

πŸš€3. Invest in Real Estate Projects

In order to invest on EvoEstate, you can either set up your Auto Invest or invest in individual real estate projects manually. I suggest investing first manually until you get an idea of how the platform works.

πŸš€4. Get 0.5% bonus

You'll receive 0.5% cashback bonus from your investments during the first six months.

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How to get more bonus?

If you are looking to invest on other P2P lending platforms to increase your platform diversification, you can use various sign-up bonuses. With the EstateGuru referral code, you will get an extra cashback bonus of 0.5%. With the Mintos invitation code, you will also receive up to 1% cashback bonus. If you wish to invest in business loans, you can get yourself hands on the 1% Crowdestor bonus for new investors, which will help you to increase your returns. Bondster also offers a 1% Bondster Bonus for new investors.