EstateGuru Referral Code

New investors can use this EstateGuru Referral Code EGU12474 to receive a cashback bonus of 0.5% within 90 days. The 0.5% Cashback Bonus is only valid for new investors that register with my referral code.

Average Interest 11.8%
Secured by a mortgage
Secondary market
Most trustworthy P2P platform

estateguru promo code
Use the EstateGuru Referral Code

How does the EstateGuru Referral Code work?

0.5% Cashback for New Investors

In order to claim your first EstateGuru bonus, you simply sign up with my EstateGuru referral link or type in this EstateGuru Referral Code: EGU12474. The EstateGuru bonus is calculated from your total investments in the first 90 days from your registration. The actual EstateGuru bonus will be added to your account after the first three months.

EstateGuru Referral Code
Code for New Investors EGU12474
Bonus Payout Term 90 days
Cashback Bonus 0.5%
Amount of Investors + 80,000
Average Investment Amount €9,523

How much EstateGuru Cashback do You Get?

That’s a legitimate question so let’s have a look at the real money amount that you will get added to your EstateGuru account when signing up with the EstateGuru referral code.

Investment Amount EstateGuru Bonus
€1.000 €5
€5.000 €25
€10.000 €50
€20.000 €100

Most new investors on EstateGuru invest a few hundred euros to get familiar with the platform. Within a few weeks, the average investment amount is increased. You can start investing on EstateGuru from only €50, which gives you an amazing opportunity to join the real estate P2P investment world without having to invest a fortune. According to EstateGuru, the average portfolio size of investors on the platform is above €9,000. That’s a sign that investors trust EstateGuru, as the average portfolio size on other platforms is significantly smaller (most of the time below €4,000).

How to redeem the EstateGuru promo code

There are two options on how to redeem your EstateGuru referral code. You can either use the link or type in the code.

1. Sign up with a referral link

In order to claim your EstateGuru cashback bonus, you need to use this link and complete the registration process. When clicking on the link a cookie in your browser is being saved that is tracking your referral code.
I suggest not closing the window and complete the registration in the same session to make sure, your referral code is being logged properly.

Type in the EstateGuru referral code

In order to redeem your EstateGuru referral code and claim your bonus of 0,5% you can type in the following code: EGU12474 (If you sign up with the referral link, the referral code will be added automatically.)

estateguru referral code

The EstateGuru bonus is going to be partially added to every investment you make on the platform during the first three months.

According to P2P Empire, EstateGuru is currently the most trusted real estate crowdfunding platform. The risk team on EstateGuru is doing a great job in protecting your investment. So far, none of the investors ever lost any money.

FAQ about the EstateGuru Referral Campaign?

🚀 How much bonus do I get?

Investors that use my special EstateGuru referral code will receive 0.5% cashback bonus from their investment amount.

🚀 When do I receive the bonus?

The bonus will be added to your investor account after 90 days from your registration. Note, that the bonus is calculated based on your investments and not your funds.

🚀 How to claim the bonus?

To claim your EstateGuru Promo Code, you either type the code during your registration or simply sign up with my exclusive link. Both ways will active the EstateGuru cashback bonus.

🚀Can you use the EstateGuru promo code multiple times?

The EstateGuru promo code is only valid for new investors. You cannot sign up with a new account in your name and reuse the same code.

🚀Does EstateGuru offer cashback campaign for registered users?

Currently there is no special EstateGuru promotion for registered investors.

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Do you want more P2P invitation codes?

Most of the P2P lending platforms offer sign-up bonuses and invitation codes. Another of my favourite platforms is PeerBerry. PeerBerry also offers a 0.5% cashback bonus for new investors. Additionally loyal investors that invest more than €10,000 have the option to get a loyalty bonus. Have a look at the currentPeerBerry cashback bonus campaign to learn more about this promo.