N26 Metal Card Review – Is it Worth it?

You have probably heard about the German N26 mobile bank that was one of the first banks that started offering a Mastercard made of steel. This card is called the N26 Metal and it is available in 6 European countries, including the UK.

The N26 Metal cost € 16.90 a month and comes with comprehensive insurance package as well as unlimited free withdrawals worldwide.

In this review of the N26 Metal card, I will talk about the features and benefits that come with the card made of steel.

  • no fees when paying your bills abroad
  • best currency exchange rate (market rates)
  • only 1.7% fee from ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies

Before you continue reading, note that the N26 Metal card is currently available only to users with a permanent residence in the following 6 countries:

Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK

Overall Score
Opening a N26 Account
N26 Banking App
N26 Fees
N26 Customer Support

Note that the score for some of the features was adjusted to fit the product. Find out more in my N26 review.

N26 Metal: The benefits

The N26 Metal card comes with the same insurance coverage as offered by the N26 You card. As a member of the N26 bank, you will receive all the benefits that come with the N26 banking app. Read more about it in my in-depth review of the N26 bank.

The N26 Metal card offers exclusive discounts with N26 partners when paying with the N26 card made from steel.

When it comes to withdrawing money in a foreign currency (not Euros), you can actually use the N26 Metal to save money.

If you withdraw more than € 994 (the equivalent of the foreign currency) per month you already save the fees (1.7%) that you would be charged with the free N26 standard card.

Pros and cons of the N26 Metal card

  • Free unlimited cash withdrawals
  • Free unlimited card payments worldwide
  • Functional and user-friendly banking app
  • Additional travel insurance
  • Available in three designs - charcoal black, quartz rose, or slate grey
  • World Elite Membership does not include access to airport lounges
  • The travel insurance is covering only trips of max. 90 days
  • The mobile theft insurance won’t cover the full price of your mobile device
  • You will be only covered if you pay all your travel expenses with the N26 Metal card
  • € 16.90 monthly fee
  • Limited availability in European countries
Insurance Package + Exclusive Discounts

N26 Metal

monthly fee
free ATM withdrawals within Euro-Zone
free ATM withdrawals in other currency than Euros
free worldwide card payments

N26 Metal: Additional features

Compared to the N26 You card, the N26 Metal card does not provide much value apart from exclusive partner deals.

With the N26 Metal card you can benefit from the following offers:

  • The travel insurance that comes with the N26 You is valid only for trips that don’t exceed the duration of 90 days.
  • In addition to that, you will be covered abroad only if you pay the flights (transport) to the destination as well as a return ticket and the accommodation with the N26 You card.

What is covered by the N26 Metal insurance policy?

Insurance Claim Max. Coverage Excess
Delayed Flight (+4 hours) € 100 / hour (max. € 400) none
Delayed Baggage (+4 hours) € 1.500 none
Trip Cancellation € 7.500 10% - 20% (min. € 25 )
Trip Interruption € 5.000 10% - 20% (min. € 25 )
Medical Expenses Abroad € 150.000 none
Emergency Transport € 2.500 none
Car Rental Excess Deduction € 750 none
Accidents € 50.000 none
Accidents Caused DuringTransportation € 500.000 - € 4 Mio. none
Cash Theft € 500 none
Mobile Theft € 300 € 50
Warranty Extension € 500 € 50
Purchase Protection € 2.500 none

As an N26 Metal user, you will receive the same insurance cover as with the N26 You card, which costs only € 9.90 per month.

Update: From 13.11.2019 all new users that sign up with N26 and purchase the metal card will benefit from the improved terms and conditions which we have outlined in the N26 You review. The above-mentioned terms and conditions remain valid for users that signed-up before the 13.11.2019.

If you plan to travel long-term I would not advise relying on the travel insurance that comes with the N26 Metal card but rather take dedicated travel insurance for that fits your demands from Safetywing or Worldnomads.

FAQ about the N26 Metal card

What is N26 Metal?

The N26 Metal was the first debit card in Europe made from steel. The card is significantly heavier as regular plastic cards. The N26 Metal card is the luxury Mastercard, issued by the N26 mobile bank. The card comes with a comprehensive insurance package and no fees for transactions, card payments or cash withdrawals worldwide.


Is N26 Metal free?

The N26 Metal card is not for free. The minimum contract period is 12 months. The N26 Metal card cost € 16.90 per month. If you do not wish to extend the annual subscription you will need to cancel your contract 4 weeks in advance of the annual expiration date.


Is N26 FSCN protected?

The N26 card is issued by the German bank N26. All your accounts are protected by the European deposit guarantee scheme up to € 100.000 (around £ 86.000) per user. The FSCN protects your bank account balance in UK based banks only up to £ 85.000.


How to get the N26 Metal?

You can order the N26 Metal card through the N26 mobile app. Tap the Upgrade section to view your options. If you are not an N26 bank user yet, you will need to download their app and sign up for a bank account.

Is the N26 Metal card worth your money?

The N26 Metal card comes with similar features as the N26 You card, which does make it worth the higher monthly fee. The additional benefits of the N26 Metal such as the exclusive partner offers do not bring that much value unless you use them frequently.

If you are in for the metallic design of the card only, I suggest to opt-in for the Revolut Metal card. The monthly fees are lower and you will receive cashback from your card payments. The overall price-performance-ratio of the Revolut Metal card is better compared to the N26 Metal card.

You can read more about my comparison between Revolut and N26 here.

Save money with the N26 Black card

If you want to use the insurance as well as the benefits of the N26 Metal card, the N26 You should fulfill your needs and save some money at the same time.

Apart from the exclusive partner offers and dedicated customer support you will have the same features for less money. The N26 You card costs only € 9.90 a month. In addition to that, the N26 You card is available in 22 countries, Ireland and the UK included.

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