Peerberry Cashback Bonus

Let’s have a look at the PeerBerry’s latest cashback bonus offers for April 2020.

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PeerBerry offers currently three different cashback bonus campaigns. Regardless if you are a new investor, an already registered user or a VIP investor with an investment amount over €10,000. PeerBerry has an exciting cashback bonus offer for everyone.

Average Interest 13.01%%
Secured by a buyback guarantee
Great liquidity
Most reliable P2P platform
PeerBerry Overview PeerBerry is currently the P2P lending platform where I am invested the most. The mix of short-term loans, offered by profitable loan originators such as Aventus Group and Gofingo together with the buyback and group guarantee and decent diversification options is very attractive. PeerBerry is also one of the few platforms where everything still works. Up to know there has been no cash drag and no issues with withdrawals, which is frankly quite exceptional compared to many other platforms. Addionally you can start investing on PeerBerry from only €10 and the platform is very easy to use even for beginners.

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PeerBerry’s Cashback Campaigns

PeerBerry currently offers three different cashback campaigns. Here is a brief overview of their current offers.

PeerBerry Bonus Overview
Bonus for New Investors 0.5% for 90 days
Bonus for Registered Investors 1.5% bonus until 31. April
Bonus for Loyal Investors 0.5% – 1%
Amount of Investors + 19,500
Average Investment Amount not available

Let’s have a look at the terms that apply for all of the bonus offers.

Cashback Bonus For New Investors

Every new investor that signs up on PeerBerry with our referral link will receive a 0.5% cashback bonus based on investor’s investment amount during the first three months after registration. This is a new bonus offer, starting from 1. April 2020.

Cashback Bonus Registered Investors

Any investor on PeerBerry that invests at least €200 in April 2020, will receive a bonus of 1.5% for ALL of his or hers investment until the end of July 2020. Note, that this bonus offer applies only for those investors that help fund loans in April.

PeerBerry Loyalty Bonus

PeerBerry loyalty bonus isn’t new, however, it’s worth mentioning as you can get a solid bonus of up to 1%. Here is how it works.

In order to receive the Peerberry bonus you need to be registered on Peerberry for at least 90 days and you need to invest a minimum of €10.000. This is almost as good as the EstateGuru referral bonus.

There are basically three different categories:
1. Silver
2. Gold
3. Platinum

peerberry loyalty bonus

Here is a sneak peak of my current bonus level on PeerBerry. Depending on your active investment amount, you will receive a bonus from 0,5% to 1% on your future investments.

If you have reached for instance, the platinum bonus, you need to keep your active portfolio above the minimum amount to keep your bonus. Meaning as soon as you withdraw money from Peerberry your loyalty bonus is downgraded. This applies for all categories.

Note that the active portfolio consists of your investment portfolio as well as your current balance (summed). If you have €6.000 invested and €4.000 in your current balance (uninvested capital) you still receive the silver bonus of 0,5% for future investments.

The bonus will be added to your annual interest earned from your investments in a specific month. Meaning if you invest in loans with interest 12% per year, your bonus will be added on top of it. As a silver program member you will get 12,5% per year. Note that most investments on Peerberry only last 30 days. You will therefore get the interest for the actual loan period.

How does the Peerberry Bonus work?

Here is a quick step by step guide on how to claim your Peerberry bonus.

πŸš€1. Sign up on Peerberry

In order to be eligible to receive the Peerberry bonus you need sign up and invest.

πŸš€ 2. Transfer funds to Peerberry

Transfer at least €10 in order to receive 0,5% added cashback bonus after 30 days.

πŸš€ 3. Get your bonus on future investments

With the PeerBerry Loyalty Bonus you can get between 0.5% and 1% bonus for all your investments above €10.000.

πŸš€ 4. Use monthly cashback offers

Get your PeerBerry Bonus

Before You Get Your Peerberry Bonus

Before you get your bonus you need to sign up and invest on Peerberry. You can sign up within 2 minutes and transfer funds to your Peerberry account within 2 days. You only need to be over 18 years old and have a European bank account to be eligible to invest. Learn more about it in my step by step guide.

Investing on Peerberry is very beginner friendly. Peerberry allows you to invest automatically based on your preferences. That way you set the Auto Invest up once and don’t need to worry about it later. A great way to save time while earning passive income with Peerberry.

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