Update 2018: Please be aware that many of the content and information on this blog might be already obsolate. Therefore do not simply rely on the information on my blog and make further research to verify the accuracy of the data. I am still travelling the world however putting this blog on hold for now. You can follow my travels on instagram

Kubasjourneys is a travel blog targeted towards people who are passionate about travelling. The content of this site is about honest recommendations and tips on low cost activities in various countries and cities. You will also find first hand reviews on adventurous activities and attractions.  I am sharing my experience, so you can have even a better one. 

I am in no way an expert that has been everywhere and knows everything. I visited so far around 20 countries and lived in six of them. I prefer rather the slow form of travelling so I can experience the country and culture than just pass it to be able to say “I was here”.

Majority of us love to travel but don’t see it as an option due to underpaid 9-5 jobs that eat most of our time. I noticed that money is only an excuse not to get out of our comfort zone. We are afraid to not be able to travel without enough savings. The problem I see here are the priorities, I believe that everything can work out if you really want it. If it does not work out, than we need to ask us the question if we really did everything to achieve it.

In 2017 I quit my 9-5 job after 6 months, I realised I can spent the time more efficiently and build more sustainable skills that I can apply remotely from anywhere.

Travelling should be for everyone, that`s why I tend to write about low cost activities and provide a transparency when it comes to the expenses. I am always open to try new forms of travelling, such as hitchiking, couchsurfing or sleeping in tents. I bet there is much more we can do to get out of our comfort zones. My aim is to inspire you to travel more and do more of the fun things that fulfil you.

For any questions you might have, drop me a message to my facebook page.

Safe travels,


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