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Read my Revolut review to get more information about the scoring. Note that the score for some of the features was adjusted to fit the product.

Are you looking for a cool metallic card that will earn you cashback every time you make a transaction, comes with light travel insurance and allows you to withdraw cash for free? The Revolut Metal card might be a good option for you.

I have been using and testing the free Revolut Standard as well as the Revolut Premium cards for some time now but how do they compare to the Revolut Metal card?

In this Revolut Metal review, I will show you the main differences between those cards and why you might consider to upgrade for the Revolut Metal card.

Long Story Short

The Revolut Metal card pays off as soon as you pay more than €1.250 per month or equivalent with your card outside of Europe.

The Revolut Metal card cost €13.99 / £12.99 if you decide to go for the monthly plan. The annual plan is a bit cheaper. In case you decide to sign up for 12 months you will pay €135 / £116 upfront. With the annual plan, you will save 14% as compared to the monthly plan.

and get cashback for your card transactions

Key features of the Revolut Metal card

  • No fees for card transactions worldwide
  • Free cash withdrawals up to €/£600 per month
  • Travel insurance for trips up to 40 days
  • 0.1% - 1% cashback on card transactions

The Revolut Metal card is available in 33 countries at the moment. You can order the Revolut Metal card if you reside in any country within the European Economic Area (EEA).


The card is also available in UK, Switzerland and Australia. Click here to view the full list of countries. If you reside outside of the EEA there is a chance that you will be able to sign up for a Revolut card soon, as Revolut is planning to expand their activities to other markets such as the US, New Zealand, Hong Kong or Singapore.

Revolut Metal: The benefits

Earn up to 1% cashback on every card payment

One of the most valuable features that come with the Revolut Metal card is the cashback bonus. You will earn 0.1% cashback on all card payments within Europe and 1% cashback on card transactions outside of Europe in any of the 29 supported fiat currencies as well as for cryptocurrencies.

In order to pay back the monthly fee for the Revolut Metal card just from your cashback bonuses, you will need to make card transactions of €1.125 / £971 per month outside of Europe. Paying back the monthly fee with cashback bonus from card payments within Europe might be tough as you would need to pay €11.125 or equivalent per month.

Free concierge for added support at home and away

Any Revolut Metal card owner gets access to exclusive concierge service that can assist with flight and hotel bookings home an abroad. If you value your time this service might be of value for you.

Free ATM withdrawals up to €/£600 per month

With the Revolut Metal plan your free ATM withdrawal limit increases to €/£600 per month.

The free ATM withdrawals only pay off if you live in a country where cashless payments aren’t as widespread. This is the case in Asia, South America or Africa. In most western countries you won’t need that much cash as you can pay everywhere with your card.

Here is a short overview of free ATM withdrawal limits and fees:

  • Revolut Standard: up to €/£200 per month, 2% fee above the limit
  • Revolut Premium: up to €/£400 per month, 2% fee above the limit
  • Revolut Metal: up to €/£600 month, 2% fee above the limit

Here is an example so you have an idea how much money you save with this feature:  let’s say you withdraw €1.000 or equivalent every month.

The fee you would need to pay with the Revolut Standard plan is €16, with Premium plan €12 and with the Revolut Metal plan €8.

Medical and travel delay insurance

The Revolut Metal plan comes with the same insurance coverage as the Premium plan. The insurance is connected to the cardholder which means that you don’t need to pay with the card to activate the insurance.

The insurance is good enough for anyone traveling for shorter periods as it covers only trips up to 40 days. Read more about the travel insurance below.

Free disposable virtual card

If you are anxious about using your card for online payments you can use disposable virtual cards from your Revolut app. The card number changes automatically after each transaction which avoids the potential risk of fraud.

Free express delivery

The Premium, as well as the Metal card, come with express delivery which takes more or less three workdays. The Revolut Standard card comes with a free delivery only if you use a special link to sign up. Otherwise, the shipping cost €/£5.

Free turbo transfers

With the Revolut Premium and Metal card, you can benefit from turbo transfers. Revolut promises speeding up your money transfer in any of the 32 currencies up to 5 times.

Priority support

As a Revolut Metal cardholder, you will get priority support if you need to chat with any Revolut team member. This feature does not bring as much value as you will receive very good support with the Standard and Premium plans as well.

20% discount for device insurance

With the Revolut Metal card, you can get a 20% discount on your device insurance that will protect your phone from liquid and screen damage. This isn’t of huge value. Competing cards such as the N26 Black include this insurance as part of the Premium plan already.

1 airport lounge pass for free

With the Revolut Premium and Metal card, you will receive one free LoungeKey pass for free worth €28. You can redeem the pass at any of the 1.000 airports that are part of the program.

In many cases, the high-end cards don’t offer enough value for the money. The Revolut Metal card, however, might be an exception. It comes with all the benefits provided by the Revolut Premium card such as travel insurance, no limits on free currency exchange and higher free ATM withdrawals.

Apart from a modern metallic design, the Revolut Metal card comes few a few practical extras.

Here is a list of all features that you will benefit from when signing up for the Revolut Metal plan:

Pros and Cons of the Revolut Metal card

  • Cashback bonus
  • Free cash withdrawals up to €/£ 600 per month
  • Free unlimited card payments worldwide
  • Functional and user-friendly banking app
  • Additional travel insurance that is connected to the cardholder
  • No limits on free currency exchange
  • 1 free airport lounge pass
  • Travel insurance covers trips only up to 40 days
  • For some insurance claims, you have to pay excess
  • Monthly fee of €13.99 / £12.99

Revolut Metal Card

monthly fee (£12.99) or €135 / £116 per year
Free ATM withdrawals up to € (£) 600 / month, above that 2%
Unlimited Free Currency Exchange Transfers
Free Money Transactions worldwide
Unlimited contactless payments worldwide for free
Insurance Package
Exclusive Concierge-Service
0.1% cashback for payments in Europe, 1% cashback for payments outside of Europe

Revolut Metal card review: What’s covered within the insurance policy?

Insured item with the Premium / Metal card Deductible / Excess
Foreign Medical Expenses up to € 17 Mio. (£15 Mio.) €86 (£75)
Delayed Flights over 4 hours ( €80 / hour up to max. €382) £320 none
Luggage-Delay Insurance for delayed flights over 4 hours up to €382 (£320) none
Emergency Dental Treatment abroad up to €350 (£300) €86 (£75)

The travel insurance isn’t directly provided by Revolut but from its partner the Whitehorse Insurance based in Ireland. You will need to communicate with the insurance company to handle your insurance claims. In case of an emergency call +44 1733 224956 to get help with your insurance claim.

Revolut’s travel insurance is good for anyone who is frequently traveling for shorter periods. The excess you have to pay for medical insurance claims is rather small when comparing to other insurance companies.

If you decide to travel for longer periods, the insurance won’t cover you and you better sign a contract with dedicated travel insurance that meets your demands. Safetywing is a popular option for long-term travelers that offers subscription-based insurance plans.

FAQ about the Revolut Metal card

Is Revolut Metal free?

The Revolut Metal card is not for free. You can sign up with the monthly plan and pay monthly with the option to cancel your membership every month for an early termination fee of £26 / €30. If you sign up with the annual plan you will receive a 14% discount but you cannot cancel anytime.

How to get the Revolut Metal?

You can order the Revolut Metal card from your Revolut app. Tap on More in the right-bottom corner and go to Upgrade. You can now choose the Metal plan and read more about the features. As you click on Continue you can choose the annual or monthly plan and read their Terms and Conditions.

How much does Revolut Metal cost?

The Revolut Metal card cost €13.99 / £12.99 per month if you sign up to the monthly plan. In case you decide to pay upfront for the whole year, the annual plan comes with a 14% discount and cost €135 / £116. The monthly plan gives you the option to cancel before the end of the 12 months period.

Is the Revolut Metal card worth your money?

Whether the Revolut Metal card is worth it depends on your individual needs. Compared to the N26 Metal card the Revolut card gives you more value for the money.

For most of the users that don’t spend much time abroad the Revolut Metal card won’t pay off. The additional travel insurance is a nice feature but you can also purchase the insurance individually with the Standard Revolut plan from €/£1 per day.

The Revolut Metal card pays off for users who have large transactions every month and travel abroad regularly. If this is you, sign up with Revolut today and get instant access to all the benefits that come with the Revolut Metal card.

There is, however, one aspect you cannot put a value on. The metallic design as well as the premium feel of your Revolut Metal card can’t be compared to other Revolut plans. You will certainly feel better about your Revolut Metal card than any other card in your wallet.


It is always recommended to have at least one spare card in case of a loss. N26 could be a good option for you. Read my comparison between N26 and Revolut here.

Check out other free international bank accounts for travelers here.


  1. Alexandru Caranfil December 2, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Hey mate! I wanted to pay the fee for metalic card and after the card is sent just stop paying the subscription.. Will the card still work or would i need to still pay it in order to use it? Thanks

    1. Jakub December 3, 2019 at 8:09 am

      Hey Alexandru,

      basically it’s a one-year subscription 12.99 / month. I think there is a discount if you choose to pay for everything upfront. I am quite sure that they would block your card if you don’t pay the subscription fee. Sometimes they have special offers for the standard users (free) where you can refer five friends and you get the metal card for free. I suggest you keep an eye out for similar promotions if you don’t feel like paying for it.


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