Mintos Review – Introducing New Features for 2019

Mintos is the most popular P2P lending platform in Europe. According to the Mintos statistic, the P2P platform funded loans worth more than 2 billion Euro since its inception in 2015.

Mintos is also known for its broadest diversification options within the European P2P platforms.

I have been investing in Mintos for almost two years and it’s time for a quick review on what has changed since then and what can we expect from Mintos in the future.


In this comprehensive Mintos review you will learn the following:

  1. My portfolio value and returns after 20 months of investing
  2. Mintos Returns
  3. Development of the Mintos platform in the last year
  4. Why I rank Mintos amongst the best P2P lending platforms in Europe
  5. Is it still safe to invest in Mintos in 2019


If you are just about to start with P2P lending, you should read my full guide about how to invest in P2P loans, which covers the basics as well as the vocabulary related to P2P lending. You will learn everything you need to know before you transfer your money to one of the many P2P platforms. The article will also help you to decrease the risk of default and improve your returns.


Note that you need to have an European bank account to be able to invest on Mintos. Residents from the UK can currently not invest on Mintos. If you don't have a bank account within EU yet, you can open the borderless account from TransferWise. It takes only five minutes to sign up. Read how it works here.

Mintos Overall Rating
Functionality & Usability

Note that the rating for Returns does not represent the default rate but rather the amount of yield interest you will receive compared to other P2P platforms.

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My Mintos portfolio after 20 months


I signed up on Mintos on 20.8.2017 and transferred my first € 100 to test the platform. As soon as I gained trust with Mintos and became familiar with the platform, I regularly transferred more funds to Mintos.

In the last 20 months, I build up a portfolio worth € 10.370. The total profit from interest until now equals € 557. The expected net annual return is currently at 10.72% which is below the historical average of 11.73%.

My Mintos portfolio is automated via Mintos Auto Invest, a function that allows you to automate your investment strategy so you don’t have to spend your time and invest manually.

The total account balance of my portfolio is diversified across 32 loan originators, 8 loan types and 15 countries. I set up my Auto Invest to fund only loans that are secured by the buyback guarantee. Until now I had 0 default loans.

If you want to earn more than 10% on your invested amount, feel free to copy my Mintos Auto Invest settings to reach similar results.

What is Buyback Guarantee?

Buyback Guarantee is a promise from the loan originator to buy back your investment in case the borrower is late with his payments for longer than 60 days. In this case, the risk of default is being transferred from the investor back to the originator.

What returns can I expect from Mintos?


You can expect to earn more than 10% per year on your invested account. The expected profit you will see in your dashboard is a dynamic value that is changing frequently as you automatically reinvest your profits.

If you decide to use the Mintos Auto Invest (there is no reason to not use it), you can set up so the Auto Invest funds loans with higher interest only.

If you don't have time to set-up your custom Auto Invest, you can also use the new Invest & Access function that will invest and diversify your money for you across all loans with buyback guarantee.

Obviously, everyone wants to earn the most for their money. Many investors invest in loans with higher interest and buyback guarantee.

There might be a situation where there are not enough loans with your desired criteria. In mid-2018 I had this exact same experience with Mintos.

At that point, there were more investors willing to fund loans than the number of loans available. Additionally, the loan originator Mogo repurchased huge amount of their loans and lowered the interest rate for their new loan listings.

This resulted in non invested funds in my account as there were no loans to invest in. In order to invest my money on the Mintos platform, I had to decrease the interest rate in my Mintos Auto Invest to also fund less popular loans with lower interest rates.

It is always better to invest in something that can generate returns rather than stocking up your money on the platform.

The number of loans available to invest increased at the end of 2018 again, which made it possible to invest in loans with a higher annual interest again.

Development of Mintos in 2018


Mintos is considered the largest marketplace for investments in loans in Europe. Here are a few highlights from 2018:

  • Investors on Mintos can now fund loans from 31 new loan originators, in 13 new countries and diversify their portfolio across different continents.
  • Mintos introduced new features such as Mintos ratings, secondary market Auto Invest, Mintos investment strategies, and two-factor authentication
  • In mid-2018 Mintos reached a milestone of € 1 billion invested in loans. (Currently, it the worth of loans funded through Mintos is more than € 2 billion.)
  • Mintos is growing exponentially, last year they doubled the number of employees, reached 100.000 investors and raised € 5 million in funding.
  • Mintos extended their options to transfer funds to their platform.


The current status of Eurocent – the loan originator who went bankrupt


The polish loan originator Eurocent had financial difficulties since mid-2017 however they were still servicing loans on Mintos. In mid-2018 Eurocent officially announced bankruptcy. The latest update on this situation had been published in the end of October 2018.

As for now, there are still investors who invested in loans from Eurocent and haven’t received their money back.

Here you can read about what happens if a loan originator, listed on Mintos goes out of business.

Unfortunately, there is no estimated time and also no guarantee on whether the investors receive their money back. This is the only loan originator so far that was listed on Mintos and went bankrupt.

There are however few loan originators who decided to leave Mintos in 2018 (Dindin and BIG). These companies repurchased the loans from investors, who got back their investment as well as the interest for the loan period. You can read more about it here.

Why is Mintos in my opinion the best P2P lending platform in Europe?

When it comes to the functions and features that Mintos offers to their investors, there is no other P2P platform that can compete.

Mintos Diversification

  • €10 minimum investment amount
  • 8 loan types
  • 23 countries
  • 55 loan originators
  • 12 currencies
  • loan period from 1 to 80 months
  • Interest from 5% - 14%
  • Buyback Guarantee

Good communication with investors

All important information is being communicated to the investors via newsletter or their blog. This is of great value as many p2p lending platforms tend to keep their investors in the darkness when it comes to important updates that can impact the investor’s return.

Mintos is communicating good news as well as “bad” news, which increases the trust into the P2P platform.

Loan originators ratings

Mintos now offers the possibility for investors to inform themselves about the risk need to consider when investing in loans from certain loan originators. This helps you to better set up your Mintos Auto Invest as you can exclude loan originators with a bad rating.

Secondary market

Mintos has the largest secondary market from all P2P platforms.

In case you want to sell your investments and withdraw your money from Mintos before the loan period of the loans funded by you expires, you can sell those investments on the secondary market.

Investors who sell their loans on the secondary market usually offer a small discount which makes it more attractive for potential buyers.

Since 2018 you can use your Auto Invest to automate your investment on the secondary market. This gives you the opportunity to purchase loans from other investors and possibly increase your returns.

Is it safe to continue investing in Mintos?


As for me, Mintos remains still one of the top P2P platforms currently available. The financial annual returns of Mintos show solid revenue growth as well as profitability. I have no concerns that the P2P platform would go out of business anytime soon.

In 2019 Mintos is planning to provide international bank account numbers and debit cards for their investors. The Mintos product development team is working on many new ideas that will enhance the current features.


How much money should I invest in Mintos?

It is up to everyone’s financial resources and risk profile to decide how much money to invest in Mintos. My goal is to increase the worth of my portfolio to €20.000 until the end of 2019.


Mintos Review | Final Thoughts


This Mintos review should not convince you to invest all your savings in Mintos, but rather share my experience with the P2P platform.

Mintos remains my favorite investment platform, mainly due to the fact that I can diversify my investment across several countries and various loan originators.

Mintos proved that annual returns of 10% are reachable. My annual return in the last two years has been always above 10% and I haven’t had any defaults (no loss). Although I can not predict that this will be the case also in the future. As for now, there are no signals that the annual returns from Mintos should decrease anytime soon. Mintos offers a great opportunity to invest your money without speculating on stock prices.

However, I wouldn’t put all my eggs into the same basket. There are always external risks that can not be influenced by the investor’s decisions. Remember to always diversify your investments to minimize the risk of default.

Did you know that the worth of the money in your bank account decreases in value every year due to the inflation?

Investing money that you don’t need in the near future can help you create a sustainable passive income stream. Let the money work for you as I do and start investing today.


Here is a small incentive to start investing in Mintos. Sign up on Mintos through this link and get 1% cashback from your average daily balance within the first 90 days after registration. This means that if you sign up on Mintos and invest € 1.000 you will receive a € 10 bonus.

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