Are you looking to rent a flat in Prague? If so, this post could be a good resource in order to find suitable flats or shared housing in Prague.

Rather than giving you a general overview of resources and links I will share my personal experiences when looking to find a flat to rent in Prague.

Here is the process that will help you rent a flat in Prague in the most efficient way:

  1. Start the research as soon as possible
  2. Set your budget and location
  3. Check local Facebook Groups
  4. Send your full application and arrange an appointment

Start your research early

It is recommended to start researching available flats to rent in Prague as soon as you decide on the location and your budget for your accommodation in Prague. The demand for flats to rent in Prague is much higher than the current market has to offer. Particularly in the city center, the prices of rents increased significantly in the last few years. The sooner you start your research, the better the chances to find an affordable flat to rent in Prague.

Where to rent a flat in Prague?

When you are looking to rent a flat in Prague, the location is often an important factor to consider.

Luckily the public transportation system in Prague is one of the best in Europe.  There are buses, trams, and metro that you can use to find your way in Prague all day and all night.

A three-month ticket for public transportation in Prague cost around 55,- EUR (students pay half the price). Unless you will need to commute to the other side of Prague, getting around should not be too much hassle.

This should make the choice of the ideal location a little easier as you don’t necessarily need to live close to your work.

The red circle symbolizes Prague downtown, yellow circle stands for the broader city center while in the green circle you should be able to find the cheapest flats to rent in Prague.

I personally prefer to live in the broader city center, there are not that many tourists anymore and it is still only 10 min to the center. The rent for flats in this area (yellow) is also at least 20% lower than in the city center.

If you live close to the metro lines, you can reach the city center quite convenient from any location.

The red circle symbolizes Prague downtown, yellow circle stands for the broader city center while in the green circle you should be able to find the cheapest flats to rent in Prague.

How much can you afford to pay for rent in Prague?

Rent for flats in Prague is not cheap. Even for western standards the price of the rent, particularly in the city center, is considered to be high.

This is caused due to the high demand for flats to rent. There are also not as many flats to rent for long term as most of the apartments generate way more income when renting for tourists via Airbnb.

Setting up your budget is therefore important as it will give you an idea, where you can look for flats to rent and what can you expect to get for the price.

Locals often offer their flats to foreigners as they are usually willing to pay more. If you don’t speak Czech, the chance that you will pay more for renting a flat in Prague is significantly higher.
It’s not easy to give the exact numbers as they usually increase every year. In the last three years, the prices for renting a flat in Prague went up almost 100%.

Below find the prices for rent I found during my research in March 2019

  • Prices for rooms range between 5.000,- CZK (180 EUR) and 10.000,- CZK (370,- EUR)
  • Prices for 1KK – which is a small studio or one bedroom with kitchen range between 9000,- CZK (350 EUR) and 25.000,- CZK (975,- EUR)
  • Prices for 2KK – which is one room with kitchen combined and one separate bedroom cost between 14.000,- CZK (545,- EUR) and 30.000 CZK (1.170,- EUR)

The price for renting a flat in Prague depends on the distance to the city center and the level of equipment (bed, closet,etc.). The closer to the center and better equipped the more expensive.

The mentioned prices already include charges for water and electricity. Be aware however that the landlord will ask for a deposit (up to two monthly rates).

The demand for flats in Prague is increasing in September as many students move back to Prague. Finding a long term accommodation should be easier in January or at the beginning of July.

Rent a flat in Prague and avoid real estate agents

If you decide to go for a flat offered by a real estate agent, you will need to pay a commission which is usually one rent plus taxes.

Read further to find out how to rent a flat in Prague without paying commission.

Browse through Facebook Groups about flats in Prague

Here is a list of popular groups where you can contact the landlord and arrange an appointment to view the flat.

Be aware that in some groups you will need to communicate in Czech. Making some Czech friends should be of high priority if you don’t speak Czech yet.

Browse through offers on is the best portal when it comes to finding a flat to rent in Prague without any real estate agency fees. This is, however, no secret and it is not rare that there are more than fifty applicants for one offer. You need to be very quick and arrange the viewing of the flat as soon as possible. The site is only available in Czech.

Use Google Translate in Chrome Browser to translate the content of the site.

The demand is so high, that people often call the landlord in advance and make a reservation without even seeing the flat in person.

When sending your message to the landlord try to make it as good as you possibly can. Tell them what you like about the flat, your plans in Prague, for how long you aim to rent and what’s your job. This increases the chances that the landlord will reply and allow you to view the flat.

Rent a flat in Prague: my experience

I also used the site and responded to a listing that had no pictures. I liked the description and it was well situated. The landlord had not had the time to upload the pictures, therefore the number of applicants was quite low. I send them a message in Czech and arranged a meeting the next day.

Rent a flat in Prague through a real estate agency

If you are under time pressure and you don’t have the patience to find an apartment in Prague on your own, you can use some of the popular real estate agencies.

On websites such as Sreality, Realitymix or Bytyvpraze you can find listings from real estate agencies. You can use filters to sort the results and find a listing that meets your criteria.

Challenges you might face when looking for a flat in Prague

There are a few challenges you will need to deal with as a foreigner looking for a flat in Prague.

  1. Language: It is great to have someone on-site to help you with the translation so you speed up the process. Also, ask for a translation of the contract that you should sign with the landlord.
  2. Closed-mindedness: Some landlords do not rent to foreigners
  3. No pets: If you plan to rent a flat in Prague with a dog or a cat, you will decrease your chances significantly
  4. Time pressure: Finding a suitable apartment to rent in Prague takes time. Start your research as soon as you decide to move to Prague.

In the best case, you ask your friends in Prague if they can help you and ask around if someone offers a flat to rent.

Don't transfer money in advance

I would not recommend to sign any contract or send reservation fees before you visit the flat yourself. The photos of flats in Prague are often different as published online and there are many scammers in Prague that use non-informed travelers and to rip them off.

Rent a flat in Prague for short-term

If you don’t know anyone that could host you in Prague, you should book an Airbnb or a Hotel for a few days and reach out to landlords while being present in Prague. You can arrange appointments much faster which will increase your chances of finding the right flat to rent.

If you have not used Airbnb yet, you can sign up via this link to get 30,- EUR discount on your first booking. In case you have an Airbnb account already, just create a new one with a new e-mail address to redeem the coupon.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel while hunting for flats in Prague, here are few options to consider:

Hostels from € 5 / night: Chili Hostel / Travel&Joy backpackers / Little Quarter Hostel

Mid-Range from € 32 / night: MeetMe23 / Bed&Books Art Hotel / Deminka Palace

Luxury from € 60 / night: Small Luxury Palace Residence / Hotel Residence Spalena / Alveo Suites

The impossible task of finding a flat to rent in Prague should now become much easier. If you have any relevant comments that could help future readers feel free to attach them below. Good luck with your research and enjoy life in Prague.

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