Are you planning your trip to Prague and looking for options on what to do in Prague in 2 days?

My Prague itinerary will help you to visit the most popular places in Prague in 2 days without paying for expensive city tours.

In the first day, you will see most of the tourist places in Prague while on the second day you will have the chance to explore less visited places. Make sure you read until the end, to find out about local tips on places where to eat and drink in Prague.

See the most from Prague in 2 days with a guided tour!

Without further ado, let’s dive into my itinerary about places to visit in Prague in 2 days.

Day 1 in Prague

Prague is way too big to explore in just a few days. My guide on what to do in 2 days in Prague is packed with places to see. Make sure you are well rested and have some comfortable footwear as you will walk a lot.

Visit Wenceslas square


Start your day at the upper part of the Wenceslas Square right in front of the National Museum. The square is the place where many historically significant events and demonstration occurred. It’s also the place where one of the students, Jan Palach put himself on fire to protest against the freedom of speech in 1969.

Don’t forged the Franciscan Garden


In the middle of the Wenceslas Square, you will find a tram station on the left. Next to the tram station, you will find a passage with a very popular place for desserts, called Světozor. Pass the passage and walk into Franciscan Garden. It’s one of the prettiest gardens in Prague and due to its hidden location, many tourists don’t visit.

Walk to the Old Town Square


From the Franciscan Garden follow the signs to the Old Town Square and make sure to watch the hourly show of figures of the Apostles right on the astronomical clock.

If you are visiting Prague in winter, the Old Town Square has the the best Christmas Markets in Prague. Particularly in the winter, I would recommend visiting the clock tower, as you will get a nice view of the Christmas Markets from above.


In summer, the Old Town Square serves as a podium to street artist and musicians.

The Old Town Square is also a place full of shady money changers. If you are in need of cash, a short five-minute walk to a trustworthy money changer can save you several hundreds of Czech Crowns. Read more about where to exchange money in Prague in my other article.

From the Old Town Square walk towards Mánes Bridge and cross the river to Malá Strana, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Prague.

Enjoy the view from Letna Park


Use the shortcut to go right up to the castle from the metro line Malostranska, or walk up to the Prague Metronome, at Letna park.

From here you can walk towards the castle while enjoying amazing views of the city center on your left. This is also the only place where you can see five of Prague’s bridges at once.

Visit Prague’s castle and Garden on the Ramparts


Pass the security checkpoint and walk through the Royal’s Garden towards the castle. If you can make it before 5 PM you will have the chance to enter the St. Vitus Cathedral which is the most dominant building within the complex.

You can visit the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral to get another perspective of the city. During the daytime, you should go to the Garden on the Ramparts which is located right under the castle. There is a narrow staircase that will take you there right in front of the entrance to the tower.


This is by far one of the best views of the city as well as of the Malá Strana district.

Walk up the hill to Petřín tower (optional)


Walk towards Hradcany Square to exit the castle. From here walk downhill to get to the Charles bridge.

If you are still able to walk, take an alternative route via Petřín Park. On top of the hill, you can visit the Petřín tower, which is considered to be the Eiffel Tower of Prague. There is also a mirror labyrinth which is fun to visit as well.

From Petřín Park you can walk down to Malá Strana and get some coffee at Dobrá trafika na Újezdě or local food at Malostranská beseda.

Visit the northern tower on Charles Bridge


Walk through Mala Strana on to the Charles Bridge and cross the river back to downtown Prague. At the end of the Charles Bridge, you will see the northern tower, which serves as a perfect spot for taking pictures with the scenic view on the bridge and the castle.

Not many tourists go there, which makes it a real hidden gem even though it’s located on the busiest bridge in Prague.

At this point, I suggest finishing the first day of your two days in Prague. Go get some rest at your accommodation. As from my experience, walking this route is usually quite exhausting and you want to be fit for the next day.

Before we continue the self-guided Prague tour, let me give you some tips on places to eat and drink in Prague.

Here is a list of my favorite places to eat and drink in Prague

Let’s be honest. Good food and drinks are part of every proper city trip. Even if you plan to visit Prague just for 2 days, you will need to eat and drink somewhere. You can spend hours on TripAdvisor and read fake reviews or you bookmark the following places which I have visited several times and never got disappointed.

Click on the name to bookmark the location in your Google Maps, that way you can visit the place while walking close by. 

During your 2 days in Prague you have to try some Czech fruit dumplings and Svickova (meat with dumplings)

Day 2 in Prague

The first day I showed you all the tourist spots in Prague, on the second day I will lead you through some of the less visited places in Prague.

Start at Riegrovy Sady


We start the Prague tour at Riegrovy Sady, which is a popular spot visited by locals right above the central train station. It’s another amazing place to enjoy the view of Prague downtown from another perspective.

From Riegrovy Sady we will walk towards Náměstí Míru.

You are now in Prague 2,  the broader city center. If you feel like grabbing a coffee, make a stop at La Bohème Café.

Visit Vyšehrad


Find your way towards the Metro station (C) I.P. Pavlova and take the subway to Vyšehrad.

Vyšehrad is a medieval complex with the St. Peter and Paul Basilica. It’s a very authentic place and it should be on your itinerary about things to do in Prague in 2 days. At Vyšehrad you can walk on the fortification walls and enjoy the view over Prague as well as visit the medieval cemetery.

Walk along the river to Náplavka


From the fortress, you can take the stairs down to the river. Walk along the river towards the city center and you will arrive at Náplavka.

On Saturday this is the place to visit local markets. During the week this place is visited by locals socializing and enjoying sunset drinks at one of the boat pubs on the river.

Rent paddle boat at the Žofín island


Continue walking along the river and you will eventually pass the famous dancing house on your right.

Follow the path until you will arrive at Žofín island. If you happen to be in Prague in the summer, you have to go rent a paddle boat (1 hour is around CZK 250 = € 10) and enjoy an hour paddling below the Charles Bridge.

It’s my top activity to do in the summer in Prague and you shouldn’t skip this during your 2 days in Prague.

Explore the Malá Strana district

If you still have the energy to explore more of Prague, I would suggest to cross the bridge to Malá Strana and go visit the following three parks: Pálffy’s garden, Vojanovy sady and Wallenstein garden.

Each garden has something unique to offer.

Pálfy’s garden is located right below the castle. You will need to pay a small admission however there are no tourists. You can enjoy the view just for yourself. It’s also a great place to take out your partner for a date.


At Vojanovy sady you will not need to pay any admission. The garden is home of a few peacocks that live there in the summer. It’s very random to see those birds in Prague and tourists usually don’t go there as the entrance is not as prominent and appealing.


The Wallstein garden is particularly interesting due to its dripstone wall. The Wallstein palace which was first built in the 17th century is now taken by the Czech Senate. This prominent garden should definitely be on your itinerary of things to do in Prague in 2 days.


Where to stay in Prague for 2 days

There are many options to stay in Prague for 2 days. I would suggest looking for accommodation close to Wenceslas square. There are many Hotels or Hostels close by. Most of the Airbnb places are located a bit outside the city center. In the end, it comes all down to your preferences and your budget.

Here are a few options on where to stay in Prague for 2 days. Click on the accommodation to check availability and prices:

Hostels from € 7 / night:  Sir Toby’s Hostel / Ahoy! New Town / Dream Hostel Prague 

Mid-Range from € 65 / night: Betlem Club Hotel / Pension U Lilie / Narodni Stay 

Luxury from € 120 / night:  ABC Suites / Dolce Vita Suites Boutique / Michalska Old Town Apartment

Staying close to the city center is going to help you save money on transportation in Prague as you can walk everywhere. Additionally, it is more convenient to catch a connecting train or transfer to the airport.

If you rather preffer to book your room via Airbnb, here is my coupon that you can use to save € 30 on your first booking. In case you already have an account, you can create a new one with another email to redeem the discount.

Are you planning to stay in Prague long term? Read my guide on how to find affordable accommodation here.

Conclusion – 2 days in Prague

Visiting Prague for only 2 days is often too short. If you have the option to extend your stay, do it. You will not need to rush through all the points of interest and can explore the city in a more relaxed way.

My itinerary is based on my experiences when I used to work and live in Prague for almost a year. Apart from that, I am still visiting Prague every year as it is one of my favorite cities in Europe.


Share your experience

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