Many tourists come to Moscow every year to see the world’s most beautiful Metro stations.

Are these beautiful photos you see online and in guidebooks really authentic? Or is it just a result of good editing skills to attract people to come to visit Russia? Can you really enjoy the Moscow Metro tour and is it even worth to spend your time in Moscow in the subway?

I will cover all of this and give you some first-hand advice on visiting the most beautiful Metro stations in Moscow.

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Getting around in Moscow Metro

Navigating in Moscow Metro can be tricky, particularly if you don’t speak Russian or can’t read the Cyrillic alphabet. Moscow’s Metro is considered to be one of the busiest subway systems outside of Asia.

The best way to navigate in Moscow’s Metro is to download the Yandex Metro App to your Apple or Android device. It’s the most developed app that will show you the exact route and duration of your trip. The biggest plus here is also that the app is available in English.


I suggest you download the app from your accommodation to avoid any connectivity problems. There is also free Wi-Fi available, so you should be able to get it right at the Metro station as well.

Most beautiful Metro stations – where to find them?

I used the Moscow Metro for three months and visited most of the Metro stations on and inside the ring. The ring is the brown Metro line that connects all of the other Metro lines in Moscow. Close to the  “ring-line”, you find the oldest and most beautiful stations in Moscow.

To have some kind of reference points when planning your own Moscow Metro tour, I highlighted the most beautiful Metro stations in Moscow in the following Metro map.


List of my favorite Metro stations in Moscow

Here is my list of the 7 most beautiful Metro stations in Moscow, I have visited. In my opinion, these are the most interesting Metro stations. Be aware however that my taste can be different from yours and that you might not like them.

Each Metro station in Moscow has its own story or legend. It is more exciting to do some research about the Metro station unless you are interested in its architecture only.


The Metro station Arbatskaya was built in 1953 as a replacement for an older track that had been damaged due German bombing in 1941. One purpose of the construction was to provide shelter in case of future attacks. With the length of 250 meters, this station is considered as the second-longest Metro station in Moscow.



Komsomolskaya is one of the busiest Metro stations in Moscow. It’s located right under the busiest transport hub in Moscow. The Metro station was constructed in 1952 and dedicated to the post-war labor force.



Novoslobodskaya does not come with any known legend, however its famous for its 32 stained glass panels with colorful mosaics.



Elektrozavodskaya is my favorite station from the list of the most beautiful Metro stations in Moscow. It was built during World War II and modernized in 2003. The design of the station was inspired by the light bulb factory nearby.



Kiyevskaya Metro station belongs with its square pylons and white marble to the list of significant stations in Moscow, at least from the artistic perspective. As few other Metro stations in Moscow, Kievskaya is connected to the railway’s rail terminal.



Maykovskaya station is considered to be one of the most beautiful Metro stations in Moscow. It was built in 1938 and during the World War II used as a command post for Russian anti-aircraft regiment.


Ploshchad Revolyutsii

Ploshchad Revolyutsii Metro station contains 76 statues with bronze sculptures, representing the people of the Soviet Union. You will find soldiers, writers, industrial workers, athletes, and children. There is also one statue of a famous dog. Touching his nose should bring you luck.

Moscow has 180 Metro station and with 9 million passengers every day, it’s one of the busiest Metro systems in the world.

If you plan to do a Metro tour and visit the most beautiful Metro stations on your own, I suggest you do it on Sunday. You cannot enjoy the architecture on weekdays as it’s always crowded.

Moscow has however much more to offer than it’s old Metro stations. Combine your visit of the most beautiful Metro stations with other sights above the ground. Read my guide on 17 places to visit in Moscow so you can make the most of your time in this Russian metropole.


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