The Truth About Russia

truth russia

When watching news on TV or reading it online you might often hear something negative about Russia. Can you really rely on these informations? In 4 months in the world’s largest country I talked to many Russians and asked them to tell me the truth about Russia, so here it is.

1. Positive Attitude

Russians are very communicative and they are often surprised (in a good way) if you talk their language and show interest into their country and culture.

Russian friendships

My Russian friend is the most gentle guy I know

2. It’s not only about Vodka

Yes, Russia is often connected with this alcoholic beverage but they don’t drink it all the time (at least not in the eastern part) in case you thought so.

Russian Vodka

Drinking Vodka is one of Russian stereotypes

3. Democracy in Russia

From my experience, people in Russia feel free to do anything. They never claimed to be somehow controlled or prohibited in their activities. It’s true that the homosexuality is still controversial and people don’t show much acceptance on it but I think that after some time people might change their opinions.

Soviet Union is past

Soviet Union is past

4. Beautiful Women

I think this cliche is overrated and beauty is relative. Everyone prefers another type and you can meet beautiful women everywhere. I think that the preference often depends on the country of origin, I still think Czech and Slovak women are the prettiest 🙂

You will not meet a women like this one in Moscow nor St. Petersburg, I wonder where she is from

Beautiful women can be found anywhere, not only in Russia

5. Gentlemen

Men in Russia are very gentle, if you ride the metro, most of them will stand up and offer the seat to a women. This is only one of many ways they show their manners.

Metro Gentlemen

Most men in Russia are very gentle

6. Patriotism

Russians are patriotic, they love their country and landscape. According to the people I talked to, they are not interested in interfering into other countries in order to gain more land, they have enough issues to manage their own.

Guards at Alexander Garden

Guards in front of the Kremlin

7. Safety first

I lived in the two biggest cities in Russia and never felt in danger, I was never robbed, scammed nor attacked. Police is everywhere and safety is a priority. If you decide to visit an event (football, ice hockey) be prepared to be checked and double checked. Be sure to always have your passport and the immigration card by hand to be able to identify yourself.

police in Russia

Security control in St. Petersburg

The truth is that the media are not representing the true image of Russia. They are not the “bad guys”. 80% of the population supports the president and the unemployment rate is around 5%.  You can experience this yourself, currently the Russian Rubel is very weak and it’s much cheaper to visit Russia than it used to be in the past.


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