How To Get a Bonus On Revolut

Get a Revolut Bonus

If you are wondering how to get money on Revolut you came to the right place. In this blog post, I will introduce five ways to get money on Revolut.

  • Using Revolut Promotions
  • Using the Revolut <18 Invite Code
  • Crypto Staking With Revolut
  • Earning Money With Vaults
  • Earning Cashback With Revolut

To start earning money on Revolut, you must create an account. The Revolut account doesn't cost you any subscription fees, and you can even test the Revolut Premium plan for £0, essentially getting a cashback of £20.99 to take advantage of Revolut's promotion.

Remember, however, that if you decide to test Revolut Premium AND order a Revolut Premium card that offers no-fee express shipping, the cancelation of your plan will cost you £16/€14. You won't need to pay any fees if you don't order the Revolut physical card.

Using the Revolut <18 Invite Code

After you have created your Revolut account, you can navigate to the "Hub" and take advantage of the currently available referral campaign for teens. You can send the Revolut <18 invite code to your child or teens in your family.

After the young adult has signed up, you and him/her will get £5 added to your Revolut accounts.

The Revolut <18 accounts are offered for £0.


Crypto Staking With Revolut

Adults who use Revolut can buy, sell, or stake cryptocurrencies. After you have purchased a cryptocurrency via the Revolut app, you can stake it in exchange for a reward.

Revolut supports crypto staking for the following cryptocurrencies: Ether, Tezos, Cardano, Polkadot.

Simply go to the "Crypto" tab in your Revolut app and click on "Earn" to get access to the crypto staking feature.

Revolut will pay you up to 12.43% APY on selected cryptocurrencies. The rewards are paid out weekly and you can restake them to leverage the compounding interest effect. If you wish to sell your crypto, it will take 29 days until Revolut unlocks your assets.

Earning Money With Vaults

In your Revolut app, you can navigate to the "Hub" and select "Vaults". Top-up your vault to earn money on your deposited amount, which can be redeemed anytime. The interest rate on your savings depends on your Revolut plan and the currency of your deposits.


Earning Money With Revolut Metal

If you decide to get the Revolut Metal subscription, you will be eligible to receive 0.1% cashback in Europe and 1% cashback outside Europe for all your transactions up to £12.99 per month. If you live outside of Europe, chances are high that you will reach the maximum possible cashback amount every month.


If you purchased the Revolut Metal plan for £120, you could earn £2.99 for every month if you take advantage of Revolut Metal cashback.


Final Takeaways

As you can see, there are many ways to earn money on Revolut. It's up to you to decide which strategy is the best for you. Revolut offers a great digital banking experience and I have been personally using the Revolut Metal plan to generate money every month.

Revolut currently offers a Revolut Premium account for three months. If you are thinking to test Revolut for yourself, this is an excellent opportunity.

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