How To Exchange Money In Prague Safely

Prague is a great city to visit but there are few tourist traps you should be aware of. Usually if you visit Prague as a tourist you need to exchange your currency for the Czech Crowns. This seems to be […]

How To NOT Get Lost In Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro is considered to be the busiest metro system outside Asia and it really can be a nightmare for tourist who have no knowledge of Cyrillic alphabet. It is easy to get lost in Moscow Metro unless you know […]

Ultimate Guide For Erasmus Students In Liège

This post is for all of you students coming to Liege, Belgium for your Erasmus. All of the information you find in this guide are based on tips from former Erasmus students or from my experiences from my Erasmus semester in […]

Prague on a Budget

Welcome to the Prague Travel Guide for my favorite city of Central Europe. I like Prague because of its lovely architecture, great viewpoints, excellent food and the Czech culture. You have always something to explore, besides the overcrowded touristic areas, there […]

Bratislava on a Budget

As a frequent visitor of Bratislava, somehow I always meet people asking me for directions or activities they can do in the capital of Slovakia. In this post I will address these two questions and show you what’s worth visiting […]