10 Typical Meals In Russia

food in RussiaAs a traveler you should always try the local cuisine, the reasons are obvious, food is a part of every culture and it’s also a great way to connect with locals. I have had many occasions where I enjoyed national cuisine and shared my cooking knowledge with others.

In this post you will find traditional “Russian” meals that are worth trying. Russian cuisine is influenced from the Middle East, this is due to the immigration of the population which is coming to Russia for better working opportunities.

1. Shashlik

Let’s start with my favorite meal in Russia which is Shashlik, on a speeze grilled meat and vegetables of any kind, served with bread, onions and a tomato sauce.


2. Borscht

A typical Russian soup, made from sauerkraut with pieces of meat,  served with sourcream (Smetana).


3. Pelmeni

Russian version of the Italian Tortellini is called Pelmeni. Small pockets made from dough filled with various sorts of shredded meat and served with butter and sourcream.


4. Blini

Russian pancakes just a little thicker, filled with various toppings as cheese, ham, vegetables, meat or chocolate and sweet milk.


5. Syrniki

A Russian dessert made from cheesecake and served with sweet toppings.


6. Kotleti (Cutlet)

Shreded and fried meat (chicken or fish) served with potatoes or kasha (cereal buckwheat).


7. Russian Meatballs Soup

Vegetable soup with meatballs (mostly liver).

Russian Meatball Soup

8. Salat Olivier

Traditional mayonnaise salad made from pickles, potatoes, carrots, eggs and onions. This dish is also popular in other Eastern- Europe countries.

Salat Olivier

9. Kompot

Traditional sweet drink made from cooked fruits.


10. Khachapuri

Well, some might argue this is not a Russian dish, you are true, it has its roots in the Georgian cuisine. I tried it first time in Russia and I really enjoyed therefore I want to add it to the list. It looks like a bread filled with various sorts of cheeses. It’s an affordable meal that tastes great.


What I have experienced in Russia is that every meal can be prepared in a different way which of course influences the taste and the quality of the dish. If you only want to taste it as cheap and simple as possible look for the Teremok fast food chain, here you will find a large offer on Russian meals. If you are a connoisseur then you should better try the local food at a restaurant, the quality and taste is noticeably better. Let me know you like the best and share some food experiences you have had on your travels, what’s the best local food you have ever tried?

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  1. Shashlyk is not a Russian dish, Khachapury is not a Russian dish. Those are dishes from ex-Soviet Respublics. Blinis are not like pancakes, they rather remind crepes since blini are supposed to be very thin. Russian version of pancakes called olady.

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