Two days in Salzburg – What To Do?

In the end of August my girlfriend and I took the train to Salzburg, Austria to enjoy last days together and visit my friend before my solo trip to Russia. We took the train from Vienna with OEBB Austrian Railway Company. As a foreigner you can expect to pay 52EUR just for a one way ticket to Salzburg. Quite a lot for a 2h ride. If you can’t find a suitable ride via a ride sharing service, check out the schedule for trains from WESTBAHN, this is the second Austrian railway company, which operates just on this route. You can buy the tickets on train or online, without waiting in the lines, you pay half of the price as at OEBB and you get a better service. I am actually just sitting at their train back to Vienna and writing this post while enjoying free Wi-Fi 🙂

In two days you can really see the most of the city, there are some really nice areas to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city like the famous Austrian component Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 250 years ago. Besides visiting his former house, you also should walk through the Mirabell Garden from where you have a great view on the castle.

Mirabell Garden


This leads you to the « bridge of love », similarly to the one in Paris, you can put a lock symbolizing your never ending love story :).  Right after that bridge you enter the old downtown of Salzburg. Here you find many souvenir shop and Austrian Mozart Kugeln (chocolate bonbons filled with marzipan), traditional sweets from Austria.

Makartsteg “Love” Bridge


While exploring the city center you can admire nice architecture and enjoy Salzburg’s feeling. You should also look into the St Peter’s abbey and its underground crypt which you can visit for free. Right next to the abbey you can enter Petersfriedhof, a beautiful cemetery you won’t see anywhere else in Austria.

St Peter’s abbey and Cemetery


While walking you will arrive at the lift to the castle, if you like to spend 11 euros to get up, feel free to do so. If you walk up by feet the admission is 8 euros. Unfortunately there is no discount for students. As an alternative you can climb up to the castle and turn right, you go straight ahead so the city center is on your right. After a while you get to this viewpoint from where you see the castle and the city for free.

Viewpoint over the city


For the next day we took the bus to Hellbrun Palace to check out the trick fountains. It really was worth it, as a student you pay 7EUR and get the access to the Palace, Museum and the trick fountains. I also suggest you walk through their garden which is feast for your eyes.

Trick fountains in Hellbrun Palace


If you are interesting in motorsport and you like Red Bull, take the bus to Salzburg Airport and visit Hangar 7. It`s an exhibition of Red Bulls airplanes, F1 cars and helicopters.

Hangar 7


What I liked about Salzburg, besides the pleasant atmosphere is that you can reach most of the sights in the city by feet. If your accommodation lies a little of center I recommend to buy the 24h ticket in a news stand (3,70EUR) or from the bus driver (5,50EUR). If you buy a one way ticket at the bus, you pay 2,50EUR which is quite a lot.

Salzburg is very attractive for tourists and you will notice it. What I also noticed, that there are many homeless people and beggars. Particularly in front of the train station and in the downtown you can’t avoid them.

If you look for an accommodation, we stayed in Muffin Hostel, it’s a little off center, but there is a good bus connection close to the hostel. It’s clean and it seems to be secure, staff is also alright. Wifi works only in the common area.

Here is a map with all the places worth visiting for your weekend trip in Salzburg. A tip to the end: If you travel across Austria and you need to find your next connection, train, bus or tram. Download the app OEBB SCOTTY from the android or apple store. It only works with Wi-Fi but it’s very accurate 🙂

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