Long Weekend In Paris

You always wanted to visit Paris, a beautiful, romantic city in the heart of France also known as the city of Love? Now you got the chance but your time is limited? You don’t really know how to navigate or what’s worth visiting? There are tons of lists on “100 things to do in Paris”. I ask myself how can someone write this down from their own experience without living in this city?

This post will give you quickly, first hand tips on how to get around and what is worth visiting in Paris.

Trocádero – Eiffel Tower

What you should put on your list is the Eiffel Tower of course. It’s the emblem of Paris and the France in general. The best way to reach it is to take the underground to Trocádero (Line 6 –green, or 9 yellowish-green). From here you will have a great view on the Eiffel Tower so you can shoot some selfies. You also can buy some small souvenirs from the street vendors. Ask for a better price, one small Eiffel Tower costs around 0,50 EUR and not 2 EUR. Make sure to visit Eiffel Tower at night, this is a whole different experience, if the weather plays well, bring some vine and a blanket and sit down at the grass right under the emblem of Paris.

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Notre-Dame and the Love Bridge

While exploring Paris, you should not skip a visit of the Notre-Dame cathedral, it is quite cool to see it from the inside. You don’t have to pay anything to get in and there is also an exhibition that shows how the cathedral was build. Right in the back of Notre-Dame, you can find the “love” bridge with all the lockers on it. There were rumors about putting it down because of the weight of the bridge, but if you want, I bet you can put your locker on it as well.

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Sacré- Coer Basilica

Is one of the most interesting sights to visit in Paris. It’s a little off the center but worth visiting. You can go in for free, and from the top of the hill you have a great view over the center of Paris. You can also sit down at the grass in front of the Basilica and enjoy the moment. You will get there with the line 4 (pink), station Château Rouge.

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Say Hi to Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum. The entrance is free for students under 24 years. Make sure you bring your valid student ID card or/and passport. You will get there with the line 1 (yellow) to the station Louvre – Rivoli. This area is also full of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the Parisien atmosphere.

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Avenue des Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe

Get out at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Metro station and walk up on the Champs-Élysées to Arc de Triumph. This is probably the most famous street in Paris. It’s full of shops and coffees. If you are into cars, here you can visit the showrooms of all French car vendors. In the end of the street you can check out the Arc de Triomphe. As a student you can also go up for FREE, but the lines for the “free” ticket are huge, so be sure to consider this.

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It would not be a proper trip to Paris without visiting Versailles. The former palace of Louis XIII and its gardens are enormous. I only went to the gardens, but you will need quite a bit of time to see it all. There are also trick fountains which start their show afternoon around 3pm-4pm mostly only on weekends (April – November). Check the schedule here. The entrance is something around 7EUR only to the gardens, during the week sometimes it’s for free. You can check the fares here.  You can get to Versailles with a train RER C from Paris. On the city map bellow I will mark one of the possible stations you need to go to get the train to Versailles. For more info on how to get there click here.

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I suggest, while exploring Paris, you should also walk through the city center. If you only travel by the underground, you will miss a lot of the French romantic architecture that make Paris so beautiful. If you travel to Paris with your friend or girlfriend and want to take her out for a dinner in a nice romantic place. I suggest to go to Gusto Italia, it’s a small Italian restaurant close to the Eiffel Tower. We ate here Pizza and it was the best we have ever had, I highly recommend this.
Of course there is far more to explore but these are the most interesting sights of Paris which you can visit within three days. If you travel to Paris from other European country, check out Megabus for low cost bus rides.

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Here the Metro Map of Paris

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Trocádero - Eiffel Tower: 48.863252, 2.286364
RER C Train to Versailles: 48.857332, 2.291143
Gusto Italia: 48.856501, 2.302958
Sacre Coer: 48.886705, 2.343104
Notre-Dame: 48.852729, 2.350564
Love Bridge: 48.851585, 2.351696
Louvre: 48.860611, 2.337644
Avenue des Champs-Élysées: 48.869576, 2.308250
Arc de Triomphe: 48.873792, 2.295028
Megabus Station: 48.880036, 2.282696

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