10 Typical Meals In Russia

As a traveler you should always try the local cuisine, the reasons are obvious, food is a part of every culture and it’s also a great way to connect with locals. I have had many occasions where I enjoyed national […]

The Truth About Russia

When watching news on TV or reading it online you might often hear something negative about Russia. Can you really rely on these informations? In 4 months in the world’s largest country I talked to many Russians and asked them to tell me […]

How to have a good experience in Russian trains

How To Have A Good Experience On Russian Trains

Are you looking for guidance on how to book a train ticket in Russia without spending additional fees? Do you want to explore Russia by train or just look for transportation between Moscow and St. Petersburg? Here are few tips you […]

St. Petersburg What To Do

11 Cool Things To Do In Saint Petersburg

Thanks to the Summer College and my internship in Russia, I could spent more than three weeks in the “Venice of the North”. During that time I walked several times across the city center of Saint Petersburg and the surrounding cities. I […]