Bratislava on a Budget

As a frequent visitor of Bratislava, somehow I always meet people asking me for directions or activities they can do in the capital of Slovakia. In this post I will address these two questions and show you what’s worth visiting without spending much money.

Tips on WHAT TO DO in Bratislava

  • Viewpoint from the castle (walk up from the Hviezdoslav Square – 15min)
  • Walk through the Historical City Center
  • Riverwalk on other side of Danube, get a drink at one of the boat- bars and enjoy the view on the downtown and castle
  • Visit Christmas markets in December, enjoy a hot wine or punch and try some local food
  • If you are interested in history, go up to the Slavin memorial and cemetery of Soviet Army soldiers from the World War 2
  • If you want to get know other explorers of Bratislava, join the FREE TOUR.


  • Get a hot chocolate from the Main Square, Schokokaffee Maximilian
  • Try Slovak traditional food at Obchodna Street, Slovak Pub
  • Lacinka Palacinka, 5 min walk from the main train station, cheap and delicious pancakes with over 30 different fillings
  • Urban House – hotspot for students, have a coffee and meet locals, Laurinska 14 – Erasmus meet here 🙂


  • Devin Castle, 20 minutes Bus drive from Most SNP N.29, the place where the former Iron Curtain separated the Eastern Block and the West
  • Zlate Piesky, tram N4 from the city center 30min ride, possibility to rent paddle boats, swim or wakeboard
  • Koliba TV Tower – Zelezna Studienka, from SAV Bus N212 to Vojenska Nemocnica, nice afternoon walk through the woods, from there take the lift up to Koliba


In Bratislava you can find many good clubs and bars. If you are on budget go to the Baron Bar located at Obchodna street, close to the Slovak PUB. Here you will get cheap drinks and meet Slovakian and international students.

If you prefer a club, try Friends, Chanells, Mascarade, Trafo,  The Club and Primi. Sometimes they ask for admission, mostly during the weekends. Hotspot for students is in Mlynska Dolina at the Elam Club, this is a little off center.



For those who will arrive at the airport, take the Bus N. 61 to Hlavna Stanica which is the Central Railway Station, from here take the N. 93 to Zochova which is right in the Downtown. This takes approximately 40 minutes. From the Bus station and both Train Station, you can reach the city center within 10minutes. From the Bus Station take the Bus N.210 to the Central train station and from the Train Station Bratislava Petrzalka the Bus N.80. You can check your exact bus route here.

Ticket for Students (if you have a valid International Student Identity Card)

  • 15min 35cents
  • 60min 45cents

Tickets for Adults

  • 15min 70cents
  • 60min 90cents



I personally never paid for accommodation in Bratislava, but if you want a tip to stay. Go for the Downtown Backpackers Hostel, its well located, two minutes bus drive from the central train station and one minute from the presidential palace. You will receive a welcome shot, there is a nice terrace-garden to hang out with other hosts. There is also a kitchen, if you want to cook. Each room is named after a famous artist and equipped with their paintings. The prices range from 10-25eur, depending on the time of arrival and the room you want to sleep in. I have got this recommendation from a good friend from Spain, who stayed there last summer.

Here is a map with all points of interest 🙂

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Central Train Station: 50.083505, 14.434138
Central Bus Station: 50.090518, 14.438783
Castle: 48.142109, 17.100235
Hviezdoslav Square: 48.141276, 17.107490
Danube Riverwalk: 48.136863, 17.116189
Slavin Monument: 48.153893, 17.099578
Main Square: 48.143646, 17.108701
Slovak Pub: 48.148410, 17.112363
Lacinka Palacinka: 48.155693, 17.109631
Urban House: 48.143636, 17.111151
Presidential Palace and Garden: 48.149870, 17.110722
Central Train Station: 48.158363, 17.105894
Train Station Bratislava Petrzalka: 48.216038, 16.378984
Central Bus Station: 48.147023, 17.127100
SAV BUS Station: 48.155193, 17.106013
Most SNP Bus Station: 48.140155, 17.104479
Devin Castle: 48.173750, 16.984474
Zlaté Piesky: 48.184452, 17.188440
Koliba TV Tower-Zelezna Studienka: 48.169887, 17.108267
Bar ON: 48.147867, 17.110686
Friends: 48.154329, 17.120254
Channels: 48.145550, 17.105493
Trafo: 48.142098, 17.106340
Mascarade: 48.143181, 17.106593
The Club : 48.140464, 17.105845
Elam Club: 48.157903, 17.064774
Hostel Downtown Backpacker\'s: 48.148187, 17.106152
Zochova Downtown Bus Station: 48.146215, 17.101241


I wish you all a great trip to Bratislava, let me know how it went 🙂

P.S. If you want to visit Vienna, trains are leaving every hour from Bratislava Petrzalka Train Station or the Central Train Station. Schedules check here and change the language to English. Bus drives from Mlynske Nivy (cheaper).

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