Hitchhiking to the Balkans PART 2

This summer we decided to get out of our comfort zones and travel the Balkan countries on low budget, hitchhiking, camping and exploring the beauty of few less popular countries in Europe. Feel free also to check out the first […]

Hitchhiking to the Balkans PART 1

19 days, 2500km, 6 countries, beautiful landscapes, diverse cities, various cultures, kind people, cevapcici and lifelong lasting memories. This is how I would sum up our hitchhiking trip to the Balkans. In the beginning of July my host brother from […]

6 Tips On How To Adapt To A Foreign Culture

The aspect of culture adaptation is nowadays an important topic due the continuous population migration, globalization and international education. People move to other countries to gain work or study experience, improve their living standard or simply explore the country and […]