Aqualand Moravia Review

In a hot summer on Tuesday, my friends and I hit the road to check out one of the biggest water parks in Central Europe, Aqualand Moravia in Pasohlavky, Czech Republic. It’s located close to Mikolov, therefore easily reachable from Vienna or Bratislava. Unfortunately there were no signs on the highway from Slovakia and we had to browse around the area until we have found it.

At arrival, a man in yellow jacket will lead you to the parking lot and you proceed to the entrance. The price for a day entry for kids over 100cm is 13EUR, students 17EUR, adults 22EUR and family ticket costs 48EUR (2 adults and 2,3 kids below 150cm). If you have a small child and you take your baby stroller with you, bad luck, the security guy will not let you in, so you better leave it at home.

In the facility you will find many outdoor and indoor slides. In the outdoor area you will find the best ones, which are ABYSS and BOOMERANGO, both of them give you a nice adrenalin kick. The fact I did not like was to wait for the raft, it was Tuesday and we waited for at least 15-20 minutes, then you go up the stairs and you might wait for another 10 minutes. This was somehow acceptable, but during the weekend it must be insane.

Indoor you will find 10 slides, some of them require a raft and some don`t. KAMIKADZE is the steepest and fastest slide in the park, It’s nice, but you can’t compare it with the Stukas in Caneva World, Italy.

MAGIC HOLE is another slide where you don’t need a raft although it might be a good idea, since your back might hurt after a short while because of the poor connections. Besides that you can enjoy some nice effects which you will not find very often in other Aquaparks.

At SKY DRIVE, BLUE TRIO and UWAVE you will not get bored. It is more enjoyable with one or two friends in the boat. You can expect a mix of special light effects and free falls that will increase the adrenaline in you.

There are also some more “relaxing” slides for kids as the WILD RIVER, NIAGARA or the RACE RACE.

What I hated was the organization of boats or rafts, often there was a big line waiting, while there was only one or two rafts for one attraction. So it happened that you had to wait 5 minutes until one goes up, slides down and another one takes the raft and repeats this procedure. When there are 10 people in front of you, guess how long you have to wait. When I confronted the lifeguard with this issue, she said it’s not her fault and was not very interested in solving it.

In the whole facility you will find some restaurants and bars, where you can grab some snacks or drinks. There are also some stands that sell ice-cream or pancakes. For 3EUR you will get quite a big pancake but the service is in my opinion pretty poor. The lady who did my order dropped the plastic plate on the hotplate, it melted and she continued preparing pancakes for the next customer.

All in one, you can have great fun in this Aqualand, but only when it’s not overcrowded, maybe during late afternoon hours. If the price/value is corresponding with the offer, is questionable. For me there is still room for improvement, but I don’t regret my visit. It was a hell of a fun. Let me know about your experience in this Aqualand 🙂

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